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Different milks and their health benefits   

The general perception among many is that milk is meant only for kids and helps build calcium for them. But it is not so. Irrespective of age, milk is beneficial for all and there are lot of choices in milk today. So, here is a list of the various milks and what benefits they can give. The milk variety could be skimmed or low-fat but still they have a good deal of advantages.
For instance, the coconut milk has lot of vitamins, minerals, fibers which provide gallbladder stones and liver diseases. The coconut milk is also rich in proteins and they provide iron, sodium, calcium, vitamins C, B1, B3, E, B6, B5. This is far richer in calcium than the regular milk. It is also effective in supporting the immune system and helps in weight loss along with good digestion.
Almond milk is something which is useful for those looking to have a potent healthy snack. This is a great alternative for vegans as it is a good source for proteins. The almond milk is low in calories and it contains magnesium, vitamin E, copper, monounsaturated fats, Riboflavin. This helps you in lowering the heart diseases and boosts your energy levels. This is just like coconut milk.
Another commonly used milk is the cow’s milk. This is the best bet for calcium deficiency. It contains fats, vitamin D, proteins, potassium, minerals, iodine. It is a good substitute for Omega 3. The milk is not only good for the bones but it also helps in controlling the blood pressure. It prevents gout and though it is fattening it should be added with a healthy diet.

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