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Homemade tips to counter heartburn and acidity   

Acidity is a common problem to many of us and there will come a stage in life where acidity is bound to happen. This happens when there is excessive secretion of acids from gastric glands in the stomach. There is also the heartburn which is caused by consumption of spicy foods. However, if you can follow these tips at home then acidity or heartburn can be avoided to a large extent.
Firstly, you should avoid caffeine or aerated drinks. Instead, you can go for herbal tea. Also, you can have a glass of lukewarm water everyday.  Having watermelon juice is also a great way to counter acidity. In your daily diet, try and add banana, cucumber and watermelon. If the acidity is high then you should go for coconut water. You can also have a glass of milk everyday.
The other way to reduce acidity is to have your meals at least two to three hours before you are going to sleep. In terms of diet, have food in small quantities but at regular intervals. You should also stay away from pickles, vinegar, spicy chutneys etc in your food. You could also look at boiling some mint leaves in water and have a glass of it after you are done with your meals.
If you are looking at an effective and quick remedy then you should suck a piece of clove. You can also look at having almonds, yogurt, lemon, jaggery and banana which provide instant relief from acidity. Too much of smoking and drinking also results in acidity so this has to be reduced at any cost. You can also try and have chewing gum because that generates saliva which eases heartburn.

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